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We provide wide range of instruments

From currency trading to SPECULATING on the price movements of popular stocks – Geo Markets has it all.

Forex Currency Trading:

Currency trading, also known as Forex (foreign exchange), enables investors to take advantage of the increase and decrease in currency’s value. Engage in currency trading using major, minor and exotic currency pairs with reputed and an award-winning broker. Currency traders buy and sell currency pairs using a Forex broker as the intermediary, which manages the transaction between the buyer and the seller. Furthermore, a reliable currency trading broker provides services to help empower their traders to make informed trading decisions.

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Indices & WTI :

Trade on CFD on indices with Geo Markets .

Choose from the most popular securities from Australia, Europe and America.

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Commodities :

Geo Markets lets you to find new and opportunities in the global commodities markets and enhance your financial portfolio better.

Trading with oil and similar CFDs online as an effective means to invest and diversify your financial assets.

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Spot Metals :

Geo Markets offers wide range of choices when it comes to trading on Spot Metals.

A high in-demand precious metal lets you have better stake in the market.

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Share CFD :

Geo Markets allows you to trade with some of the world’s most popular shares with the help of powerful value, which allows improving profits on investments by multiple no of times.

Geo Markets offer simpler & faster execution of trades using MT5 platform, while securing your financial assets on a whole new secured level. Furthermore, Geo Markets Trade proves CFD’s on various US shares and European shares, allowing investors to trade in the international market and rake better profit.

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Stock Trading :

Geo Markets allows investors to trade with stocks of popular companies and hope to profit from when there is a increase in the company’s value over the time. The raise in the value of the stock gradually increases the value of the company.

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Bonds :

Geo Markets provides best trading conditions to trade with German Bonds which is of high volatility. Geo Markets offers its investors high profitable government bonds with competitive spread values along with low commission values.

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