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CFD Trading on Commodities :

Geo Markets lets you to find new and opportunities in the global commodities markets and enhance your financial portfolio better.

Geo Markets offers wide range of commodities, with which you can manage your financial portfolio and rake better profit. Some of which are as follows:

  • UK Brent oil
  • US Crude oil
  • US Natural Gas

What are commodities trading using CFD?

Contract for Difference or simply CFD, is a business agreement between the buyer and the seller. This depicts that the seller will have to pay the buyer the difference between the commodity’s current price and the price with which the contract specifies. Trading CFDs on commodities lets investors to speculating the increase or decrease value of a particular instrument.

CFD trading provides the benefit to traders based on the expectation of a price movement, which means you don’t have to buy or secure storage of the underlying asset. CFD Trading makes you take a short position, while expecting the price to decrease and the long position, where expecting the price to increase. In both the cases you can still make profit when the value of the commodity, which enables commodity CFD traders durability and opportunities to profit from market movements.

Trading with oil and similar CFDs online as an effective means to invest and diversify your financial assets.

Trading Currencies Basics :


Geo Markets offers powerful leverage up to 1:500, allowing investors to engage in high volumes of trade.


Geo Markets offers minimum spread value as low as 0.01, which allows investors rake substantial profit.

Trading Hours

Geo Markets provides the opportunity to engage in 24/5 market sessions even when domestic market is closed.

Lot Sizes

Geo Markets offers various lot sizes convenient depending upon the type of account you trade with.